After spending the majority of her young life in India, Lady Victoria Arbuthnot travels to England to begin her season living with her cousins.

But before she even sets foot on British soil, she is engaged to the handsome Lord Rothschild. Unfortunately, because she is 16, this betrothal was frowned upon— especially by the striking Captain Carstairs, the captain of her ship.

Victoria has developed a deep-seated dislike toward Jacob Carstairs, who teases her endlessly in her activities and whose low fashion deeply disturbs her. However, Captain Carstairs know a fair bit more than Victoria about Lord Rothschild. He knows something that could endanger her life—and even worse, break her heart.

From every word of the dialogue, to every adjective describing the ball gowns and the weather, I enjoyed this novel. The characters are written so well that it's as if you are gossiping about them to your closest friend.

The greatest attribute, courtesy of Cabot, is that the conflict is fresh and unexpected, a challenge when writing romance. SWEET (Mar., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Aly DeGray