Image of Victory Conditions (Vatta's War)


Image of Victory Conditions (Vatta's War)

The fifth and final book in Moon's Vatta's War series is marred by the author's fondness for mustache-twirling villains cut from the very blackest of black cloth. But these characters are largely kept as offstage menaces, which allows Moon to focus on the more interesting conflicts between
likable characters with incompatible agendas. Despite one or two unresolved plot threads, this is a perfectly acceptable conclusion to the series.

This novel begins with the major antagonist from the previous books, would-be interstellar dictator Gammis Turek, still in possession of a major fleet and several conquered worlds. To make matters worse, while an alliance between ISC and Ky Vatta's forces is necessary if Turek is to be defeated, senior executives at ISC remain convinced that the Vattas are their major threat.

This misconception cripples the resistance before it can solidify while seemingly dooming the budding romance between Ky Vatta and Rafe Dunbarger, the new CEO of ISC. Ky and Rafe are forced to overcome impediments both institutional and familial in their struggle to protect their worlds from conquest. (Del Rey, Feb., 416 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
James D. Nicoll