Image of Vietnamerica: A Family's Journey


Image of Vietnamerica: A Family's Journey

This graphic novel is a true and harrowing saga journaling the author's family history. GB Tran has created a riveting pictorial diary with a challenging edge. The amazing details that Tran shares with the reader will not be forgotten.

Visiting Vietnam for the first time, the author gets a first hand look at his family’s past. Tran learns how his family was forced to hide in caves to avoid government officials during the Vietnam War and how his grandfather left the family in order to fight for the Viet Cong. Tran’s parents ultimately flee Saigon for America just at the end of the war, but when they get to the US things were not what they had expected. (Villard, January 2010, 288 pp., Graphic Novel, $30.00, ISBN: 9780345508720) *Web Exclusive Review*
Reviewed by: 
Doug Edwards