Image of A View to a Kiss


Image of A View to a Kiss

Be swept away into a sensual world of danger and disguise as Linden works
her magic in a tale with an excellent premise: A sexy mystery man sneaks into your bedroom, wooing you with words and soft touches. It's a delicious readers' fantasy come to life.

Harry Sinclair is a man so used to disguise and espionage that he accepts each mission with confidence and ease -- until he's sent to uncover the truth about a possible plot against the government and meets the ravishing Lady Mariah. He boldly leaves his disguise aside to sneak into her bedroom.

Mariah may not be able to see him, but she feels his every word caressing her body and is shocked and titillated by her sensual reaction to a stranger. As Harry's investigation continues, so do their clandestine meetings. He's torn between his mission and his passion. She's determined to unmask her mystery lover, and both are drawn into a sinister plot that could destroy England. (AVON, Feb., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin