Welcome to View Park, home of the Chase family. Steven Chase, founder and CEO of Chase Beauty, runs the family with an iron fist. Janet, head of the Chase Foundation, rules at home. Carter, a lawyer with his own firm, is constantly at odds with his father because he didn't join the family business. Michael, the favorite, works with his father and doesn't mind doing the dirty work, despite fierce competition with his brother. Leigh, a pediatrician, has just returned from a year-long trip to Africa. Haley, willful and belligerent, is always looking for ways to cause dissension and to spend her father's money. While with her married lover, she witnesses a murder.

Winters offers an exciting beginning to this trilogy. The family interaction gives readers a good look at all the different personalities involved. There are murders, stalking and a fight between the brothers. The dialogue is realistic, the descriptions are detailed and vivid and the wealthy world of the rich and famous is reminiscent of Dynasty. The book ends with a hint of the drama yet to come. (Jul., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Katherine Taylor-King