The day Tabitha weds Boris Gregory and moves into Vigil House, she learns of the family curse that brings madness, deception and death to the home, killing children in every generation. Suffering from mental illness, Tabitha spirals into madness, believing the curse after her son is stillborn. With her cousin Alicias help, can she lift the curse and free the Gregorys?

Following many conventional Gothic and saga plotlines, Jane Toombs creates a long-winded tale of an ancient curse ruining lives for years to come. VIGIL HOUSE offers few surprises and far too much recycled material from 60s and 70s novels. Long-time readers may reminisce about those old Gothics, but new readers might find the repetition, slow pace and hints of incest off-putting. SWEET (, 500 pp., $3.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin