A vision flitting outside his senses compels Thorne the Relentless to stop at the Isle of Man where he sees Fiona the Learned. He watches her bathe, and knows that she is what he has been searching for. But Fiona flees to the safety of the Wizard Brann's home.

Returning home to his betrothed does nothing to make Thorne forget Fiona. His father insists he kill the woman who has bewitched him and be free of her spell. But unable to kill her, Thorne brings her home as his thrall (slave) and there the trouble begins.

Fiona knows she is fulfilling Brann's prophecy and her destiny. When Thorne wants to make love to her, Fiona insists they be wed by a Christian priest, to which Thorne agrees. When his betrothed discovers the marriage, she vows to get rid of her rival by poisoning Thorne and blaming Fiona.

Though Brann rescues Thorne, one obstacle after another is placed in the couple's path. Fiona must prove herself to Thorne's people by healing them and finding visionary ways to save them from raiders. Thorne learns the true meaning of love, making way for the couple's peace and happiness.

Ms. Mason provides the reader with an insight into Viking thought and lifestyle while bringing us a love story filled with wonderful characters exhibiting a wide range of emotions. This captive/captor romance proves a delicious read. SENSUAL (July, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner