Image of Viking in Love


Image of Viking in Love

This first in a new series is pure Hill, with witty dialogue, humorous situations and well-developed characters -- especially the children. Her fans will rejoice and wonder what is next from this multitalented author.

On a visit to her sister Vana, Breanne of Stoneheim and her three sisters kill Vana's abusive husband, Lord Oswald. Then the five women flee to the home of a distant relative, Caedmon of Larkspur. There they find a ruined keep, inedible food and children running wild.

Breanne and Caedmon strike sparks off each other. He resents her interference, but he awakens her dormant desires. When word comes that the king's adviser is on his way to question the women about Oswald's death, Caedmon demands 10 nights in his bed in exchange for his protection.

Caedmon is a gentle and lusty lover. Good thing, because the king's emissary brings news of a previously unknown betrothal between Breanne and Caedmon. But the formal betrothal ceremony is complicated by the Saxon King Edgar and Breanne's father, Norse King Thorvald. Will Breanne manage to untie the knot of lies? (AVON, Feb., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager