Image of Viking Unchained (Viking Time-Travel)


Image of Viking Unchained (Viking Time-Travel)

Hill goes a-Viking again! No matter how many times she works this formula, it's
a blast. Hill takes 11th-century Vikings, adds Navy SEALs and hot romance and stirs in plenty of humor.

Lydia Denton, is devastated when the love of her life, Navy SEAL Dave, is killed. The only thing that keeps her going is her husband's surprise posthumous gift -- a beautiful baby boy who has Dave's striking gray eyes. Five years after his death, she is stunned to see a man who looks almost identical to Dave.

Thorfinn Haraldsson has been searching for his missing son for five years. Then the gray-eyed Viking is attacked -- and wakes up in a flying bird. Finn is sequestered with the 21st-century branch of the family for a crash course on blending in. On one of his first trips out, he meets a woman who cries all over him, makes passionate love to him and has a son with his eyes. This must be why he is in this strange place, to find his boy. It couldn't be this bewitching woman, could it? (Berkley Sensation, Jul., 322 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan