The sixth book in the irresistible Seven Brides Series pits Jeff Randolph against a Yankee schoolmarm with surprising results.

When Jeff goes to check on his twin nieces at their Denver school, he walks into a quarantine and is stuck with 16 little girls (aged thirteen on down) and a Yankee housemother, Violet Goodwin. Never a gentle man, Jeff finds his temper and patience stretched to the limits.

Jeff hates all Yankees and not only is Violet a Yankee but she is from Massachusetts, where Jeff was held prisoner during the Civil War. She is the opposite of everything Jeff believes he wants in a woman.

However, Violet stirs something in Jeff. She isn't bothered by the fact that he only has one arm or by his foul temper, and when she is with the rest of the Randolph clan she jumps to Jeff's defense.

Violet is in Denver for her own reasons: fighting for her rights to a mine in Leadville. The money from the mine will let her go back East and open a home for disabled soldiers.

Jeff's pride and Violet's mission lead to misunderstandings and danger. It takes a very special woman to see through Jeff's anger to the gentle man inside, and when they get caught in a mine shaft, it is up to that inner man to set them free.

VIOLET is another wonderful visit with the Randolphs. Leigh Greenwood has once again shown that love survives against all odds. The Randolphs have become more than just characters in a novel, they're like members of your own family. SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager