An Officer on the Duke of Wellington's staff, Colonel Lord Julian St. Simon's task is to rescue the brigand known as La Violette from the French.

When Julian glimpses this violet-eyed slip of a girl, sparks fly between them. She is Tamsyn, illegitimate daughter of El Barom and a Cornish aristocrat. With her parents dead, Tamsyn sees no need to remain in Spain and comes up with a plan to find her mother's family and fulfill her father's quest for revenge.

She gives Wellington the vital information he needs, requiring in exchange Julian's service as her escort to England and his guidance in making her into a proper English lady.

Julian has his work cut out for him since Tamsyn is far from being a lady. Though she rides, fights and dresses like a man, she is all woman in bed and threatens his very soul. Tamsyn falls in love with this tall, arrogant aristocratic man, but as she ensnares him in her web of deceit, she wonders at the outcome of her vengeful plans. A man with as much pride as Julian will not take kindly to being used.

Fast-paced, filled with the imagery of the Napoleonic Wars and with sizzling sensuality VIOLET is another keeper to put along side the other "V" books by this very talented author. SENSUAL (July 440 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond