Several thousand years ago, Narcissus was condemned to live as a statue in a park as penance for his selfish ways. After long years spent listening to too many lovers' woes, he is finally inspired to request that Aphrodite turn him human again. He wants to learn all about love and sex from Violet Smith.

Violet, who has been visiting the park since she was a little girl, is now a grown and lovely woman. Narcissus' request is granted— albeit only for two nights and a day. With Aphrodite's help, Narcissus convinces Violet to teach him the true meaning of love.

In Violet Among the Roses, much of the tale focuses on Narcissus' sexual awakening; his exploration of love, both the physical and emotional, is enlightening. Despite the novel's short length, the characters' development is on point, and the small amount of secondary characters add flavor. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley