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Image of Vipers Run: A Skulls Creek Novel


Image of Vipers Run: A Skulls Creek Novel

Vipers Run starts a new series of the motorcycle club romance variety — think Sons of Anarchy with a lot more romance. No one can write a gritty bad boy like Tyler and here she pulls out all the stops. Readers will find a lot of steamy sex and a raw, dark edginess they’ve never encountered before. An exciting beginning to a new series.

In search of a sense of brotherhood he’s been missing since his Army days, Cage Owens joins the Vipers Motorcycle Club and pledges to protect its members and their families while living outside the law. Cage encounters a rival MC with plans to distribute meth in Skulls Creek and he calls an old Army buddy who now works as a P.I. for help. But this puts the P.I. and his colleague, Calla Benson, in danger. As Cage protects Calla, she feels a deep connection to him and learns that he’s an honorable man who lives by a different set of rules. But Calla came to Skulls Creek with secrets of her own that could tear apart her new relationship with Cage and his new MC family. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes