Image of Viral


Image of Viral

Lilliefors’ debut thriller doesn’t slow down until the last page. The villains’ horrifying plot is made even more sinister by the fact that they (purportedly) believe that they are acting for altruistic reasons. You are left wondering if the technology, the covert operations, the secret council, the uncontrolled military contractors and the rogue scientists are all really out there someplace. This one will keep you up at night.

Charlie Mallory, intelligence contractor and former CIA operative, has a list of clues that his father compiled before his death. From what he can piece together, some shadowy group has a master plan to depopulate several Third World countries and rebuild them as models of economic stability, self-sufficient energy production and advanced technology. Charlie brings in his brother Jon, an investigative journalist, to help break the story and stop the plan. Charlie’s small team attempts to neutralize the bioterrorist agents and find the leaders, while being tracked by assassins with access to advanced satellite imagery. (SOHO, Apr., 336 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan