If ever a writer was destined for super-stardom, it is surely Eileen Wilks, who knocks our socks off with blazing passion and non-stop adventure as THE VIRGIN AND THE OUTLAW (4.5) crashland in the mountains of northern Mexico one step ahead of a ruthless gang of drug smugglers. In addition to heart-stopping suspense, Ms. Wilks' superb characterization lifts this tale above the ordinary into the very special.

Maggie Shayne brings us THE HUSBAND SHE COULDN'T REMEMBER (4.5), another heart-stopping adventure on the Texas Brand as widowed brother Ben gets the shock of his life when the wife he thought was dead shows up on his doorstep suffering from amnesia. Ms. Shayne's nifty plot, scorching sensuality and powerful emotional intensity make this tale sure-fire excitement for romance fans.

When the adventure loving son of a construction tycoon learns that he was the beneficiary of a liver transplant meant for someone else, now deceased, he decides to look up the dead man's widow who runs a bed and breakfast Can he be falling in love at long last? STAND-IN FATHER (4) by Pat Warren resonates with quiet strength and fiery warmth as two unexpected lovers find their well-deserved happiness.

A handsome private detective ends up taking home the lovely amnesiac who finds his card in her pocket in ANGUS'S LOST LADY (3). All too quickly, however, they discover that someone wants her dead. Marie Ferrarella's sharply drawn, appealing characters add a special pizazz to the lost memory formula.

A sexy doctor gets involved in THE RESCUE OF JENNA WEST (3) when she turns up injured in his Emergency Room. Even if he manages to protect her against a vengeful rapist, can he teach her the full joy of love? Although storyline transitions are a little awkward, Debra Cowan keeps us on a knife's edge of suspense in a chilling resolution to this emotionally intense love story.

Carla Cassidy concludes the month as a handsome former cop unexpectedly becomes a RELUCTANT DAD (2) to the newborn son of a beautiful woman accused of murdering her husband. Of course it's only a temporary situation until she proves her innocence-or is it? Although the development of the relationship is not always convincing, readers will enjoy the strong mystery subplot.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer