Image of Virgin Earth: A Novel (Earthly Joys)


Image of Virgin Earth: A Novel (Earthly Joys)

Royal gardener to Charles I, John Tradescant the Younger flees the political upheaval in England for the beauty of the Virginia wilderness to breed new plants to replenish his beloved English garden.

He gets unexpected help from a young Powhatan girl, Suckahanna. Before he goes home, John promises to return to Virginia to protect mother and child, some time in the future. John also brings away a strong appreciation for the freedom he discovered in the fledgling colony.

But, once back in England, following his fathers deathbed wish, John marries Hester Pocks, a practical woman with a large dowry, and life in Virginia soon becomes a distant memory.

Political turmoil once again threatens John, so he heads back to Virginia. Now Johns real struggle begins as he tries to understand where his loyalties, his love and his life truly lie.

Following Earthly Joys, Phillippa Gregorys VIRGIN EARTH brings readers on one mans journey through political crisis, personal growth and a unique depiction of colonial life. Readers will marvel at this historical fiction masterpiece and once more thrill to Ms. Gregorys skill as a storyteller. SWEET (Available now, 400 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin