Image of Virgin on Her Wedding Night


Image of Virgin on Her Wedding Night
VIRGIN ON HER WEDDING NIGHT (2) by Lynne Graham: Italian billionaire Valente Lorenzatto has spared no expense to ruin Caroline Hayes, who left him at the altar to marry another man. When he purchases her father's transport company, its assets and even her parents' home, Valente gives the now-widowed Caroline one chance to keep the family business running and her parents from living in the street: she must marry him. Caroline refuses. She knows that when Valente figures out she's not only still a virgin but accurately labeled frigid by her first husband, he'll renege on his part of the bargain. A good premise and setup is marred by too much info dump (the epilogue is mostly a summary of the past 18 months' events). Also, a hero who goes to such great lengths for revenge is rather scary.
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Rhomylly Forbes