Image of Virgin Princess, Tycoon's Temptation (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Virgin Princess, Tycoon's Temptation (Silhouette Desire)
VIRGIN PRINCESS, TYCOON’S TEMPTATION (4) by Michelle Celmer: Princess Louisa believes in love at first sight, and when she spots real estate mogul Garrett Sutherland across a crowded room, she knows he’s the one. The problem is convincing him of that. What she doesn’t know is that Garrett has his own plans for their future — marry her and get his hand on the power that goes with the throne. Too bad his plan is knocked off balance when Louisa’s charms crack his businessman’s heart. But what is he going to do if his initial deception is discovered? Royal protocol nearly goes out the window as these two opposites move toward each other, and love is the only prize that counts in this royal duel of wits and hearts.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper