Image of The Virgin Queen's Daughter


Image of The Virgin Queen's Daughter

Rumors about Elizabeth I's illegitimate child have been discussed for centuries. Meticulously researched and utilizing historical facts, Chase's novel creates a convincing and credible account of the queen's daughter, with all the court intrigue and scandals of the era.

Raised by loving parents, Lady Elinor de Lacey seizes the opportunity to go to court against her mother's wishes. As lady-in-waiting to the queen, she is dazzled by the court, and her naïvete makes her a target of the other ladies' viciousness and of several gentlemen, most notably Elizabeth's "Gypsy Angel," Sir Gabriel Wyatt.

Elinor finds herself in the queen's inner circle, until the revelations of an old woman place her in danger. Elinor learns she may be Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour's child, born to a young princess at the abbey where her mother had come to pray for an easy birth. Now her love for Gabriel could clash with the queen's interests -- and possibly lead to the Tower and death. (Crown, Jan., 352 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin