Image of Virgin Seductress (Kimani Romance)


Image of Virgin Seductress (Kimani Romance)
Virgin Seductress (3), by J.M. Jeffries, is a well-written story with a fun plot and likable characters. But cultural discrepancies permeate the story, along with characters that are too mature for their age. Nell Evans, 25, is a waitress at her grandmother's diner in Mississippi, until her grandmother dies and she inherits millions. Nell, whose life has always been a struggle, can now realize her dream of moving to New York, attending college and losing her virginity -- not necessarily in that order. Riley Martin, who's loved Nell since their school days, agrees to teach her about sex but can't become personally involved. When Nell's new windfall is revealed she must deal with offers of marriage, her wavering decision to move, her growing feelings for Riley and unresolved anger.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims