Image of Virgin Slave, Barbarian King


Image of Virgin Slave, Barbarian King

Accurate political details, a noble savage hero, a heroine who comes to appreciate another culture and a jealous woman who schemes to win the hero's love all harken back to the classic '80s Indian romances. Allen proves that timeless themes always entertain.

Pampered Roman senator's daughter Julia Livia Rufa is caught in the wave of violence as the Goths sweep through the city. Wulfric, aka King of the Wolves, captures her and brings her to his camp. Julia doesn't understand that she's Wulfric's possession, since he treats her more as a guest than as a slave. She learns to cook and care for him, becomes part of the "family" and starts to see him as sexy, handsome and intelligent. Respect grows into love, and when it's time for her to return to her family she prefers to stay with him. But others see her as a threat, and as Rome crumbles, Julia fights to keep her man. (Harlequin, Dec., 299 pp., $5.99)
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Kathe Robin