Image of The Virgin Widow


Image of The Virgin Widow

Before the Tudors there was the War of the Roses, when England was split between the Houses of York and Lancaster. Though often overlooked by historians, Anne Neville played a role in this conflict because of her passion for King Richard III. O’Brien delivers a strong tale filled with intrigue, a deep understanding of historical events and a far more sympathetic portrait of Richard III than Shakespeare’s that will fascinate readers.

Anne Neville, daughter of the Earl of Warwick, The Kingmaker, comes of age during the bloody war that divided the country. As a young woman she falls in love with Richard of Gloucester and her dreams come true when they are betrothed. But the vagaries of politics soon make their marriage impossible as Anne’s family leaves England for France where she is taken into deposed Queen Margaret of Anjou’s household. Innocent Anne becomes a pawn in the woman’s schemes to regain power. Growing up in a world where one must watch each word, Anne hides her secret love for Richard, even though they are on opposite sides of the conflict. Once again fate plays with her life and she is married to Richard’s brother, Edward, Prince of Wales, who dies alongside her father in battle. However, his death opens the door for her to marry her childhood sweetheart and become Queen of England. (NAL, Nov., 448 pp., $15.00)
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Kathe Robin