Jilted at the altar, Katie Dole pours her heart and soul into her business, when she witnesses the return to town of bad boy Matt Webster. Just once Katie wishes she had the courage to walk on the wild side. When she meets her ex-fiancé, and the woman he dumped her for, she does. Katie grabs Matt and annoits him as her new fiancé, then gives him a searing kiss. Propelled by his father's heart attack, Matt realizes that it's time to grow up and agrees to help Katie through her ex's wedding by posing as her new love. THE VIRGIN'S PROPOSAL (4) is Shirley Jump's Silhouette debut, and it's a winner! Readers will fall head over heels for Matt right along with Katie. There's nothing like a reformed bad boy for a winning hero.

Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer