Image of The Virgin's Proposition


Image of The Virgin's Proposition
THE VIRGIN’S PROPOSITION (4.5) by Anne McAllister: Princess Adriana of Mont Chamion, Anny, is understandably startled when movie star Demetrios Savas “rescues” her from a hotel lobby. She’s even more startled when, after a lovely dinner, she asks him to spend the night! A widowed Demetrios, on the other hand, cannot believe that Anny has broken her engagement to her royal fiancé and wants to join him on his private yacht. Although they promise themselves they won’t fall in love, it’s a promise that should never have been made. This is a beautifully crafted story that deftly balances tragedy, sexual tension and the sweetness of falling in love. The end is so well written and so perfect that it literally made this reviewer cry with joy.
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Rhomylly Forbes