Image of The Virgin's Secret (Lost City)


Image of The Virgin's Secret (Lost City)

A queen of love and laughter begins a new series about a family of irresistible adventurers. You'll laugh out loud at the smart repartee and
then cry as a tender romance is born. Savor, devour and enjoy every word
of this irresistible read.

Antiquities hunters Nathanial and Quinton Harrington would sooner be sailing up the Nile or tramping through Turkey than attending their sister's coming-out ball.

Gabriella Montini's brother staked his reputation on an ancient seal to prove the existence of the lost city of Ambropia. But the seal was stolen, he was discredited and he lost his life trying to reclaim it. Gabriella wants to clear her brother's name by proving the Harringtons are the thieves. When she's caught rifling through their library, Nathanial vows they're innocent and promises to help Gabriella in her quest. Trust comes slowly, but Gabriella is forced to take a leap of faith and accept Nathanial's aid. That leap also takes her into his arms as they begin a adventure of their own into passion and danger. (AVON, May, 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin