Gwen Marlowe has high hopes that hosting a ball for the popular video game, Tolemac Wars, at an Atlantic City convention will make her shop a success. She returns to the shop to find a look-alike of Vad, the Tolemac Wars Two warrior, asleep in the game booth.

Vad was journeying across the ice fields, intent on proving to the council that he is not a traitor, when he succumbs to the frigid weather. Awakening in a strange, colorless world, Vad is disoriented and miffed with the incredibly bossy woman standing before him.

Gwen believes Vad has been sent to pose as the Tolemac Warrior for her ball. When Vad enters the virtual-reality booth in an attempt to return home, Gwen is swept back with him to Tolemac. Recognizing the game environment immediately, Gwen realizes she is trapped in a world that is all too real and dangerous. They soon embark on an adventurous journey, encountering untold dangers along the way.

Readers of Virtual Heaven will be delighted and enraptured by Ms. Lawrences return to Tolemac. Brimming with adventure, danger, humor, a villain intent on destroying the world, and a love that defies realitys bounds, VIRTUAL DESIRE will draw you into the realm of fantasy. Another keeper from the talented pen of Ann Lawrence. SENSUAL (Aug., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor