It’s back to Sin City, as repercussions of paranormal investigator Delilah Street and Ric Montoya’s most recent escapades in the Emerald City continue to reverberate. Multitalented Douglas layers complexities and moral dilemmas into this series, giving it both action and emotional punch!

Bringing her lover Ric back from the brink of death, Delilah may have inadvertently shared some of her silver abilities, for Ric has resurrected Maria, the tortured robot from the classic silent film Metropolis. As a CinSim, Maria belongs to the film’s owner: albino rock star and all-around mystery man Snow. Ex-FBI Agents Ric and Leonard Tallgrass are still trying to bring down the Immortality Mob, which traffics in zombies. With demonic drug lords and murderous ghosts after them, Delilah and Ric may be in deep trouble. (POCKET, Dec., 370 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith