Dimitra uses her knowledge of the tarot to set both the artistic and historic background of the story. Her imagery is tantalizing as she weaves the backdrops of Yale University's art world and Milan's Carnevale into a fascinating tale of a battle of wills and the strength of true love.

When Maggie Pacelli meets Michael LeClaire, she's delighted they share an interest in tarot. Even more intriguing is that it seems to be love at first sight. Maggie's sister is pushing the relationship, but Michael seems to be handling his end of things just fine. Of course, he hasn't kissed her yet, but Maggie's sure that will change with time.

The pair head for Carnevale and to search for the missing Visconti Devils -- cards needed to round out certain tarot decks. Both love and danger await them.

(Ragnell, Sep., 329 pp., $6.95)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown