This romance offers an entertaining hybrid of the novel of manners and the suspense novel. A plausible marriage of convenience figures in the plot, and though the marriage of widowed baroness Lady Lillian Bradshaw and Viscount Lord Guy Duquesne isn't so high in conflict, it adds intriguing detail to the suspenseful plot.

Lily experiences strange episodes that her husband's family identifies as insanity. When she awakens in an asylum, she overhears details of a plot to keep her prisoner forever. Concern for her son inspires her unusual escape. She goes to the home of the only person she knows in London, Lord Duquesne.

Guy's father suffers the same sort of insanity that Lily seems to be developing, and Guy has given up any idea of marriage, but Lily's suggestion, and the possibility that he might gain a healthy heir in her son, change his mind. With a bit of bribery, they marry, and the papers are dated prior to Lily's commitment to and escape from the asylum.

Oddly, amid the interest of mind- altering events and treatment with opiates, this romance is very much about a marriage of convenience becoming a love match and the formation of a new family. SENSUAL (Apr., 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger