After a decade as a major in His Majesty's Army, Theo Ruskin, Viscount Amesbury, returns home and expects to resume his place in society.

His father, the Earl of Glosson, a member of Parliament and owner of the Glosson Mill, needs Theo's help to discover what he can about an unrest among the mill laborers. It is imperative that he find the man responsible for his eldest son's death.

His father's investigation puts Theo in contact with the vicar's fiery daughter, Miss Hannah Whitmore. A schoolteacher, Hannah is a champion for the rights of the mill workers and for the education of their children. Though they are often at odds with one another, they share a spark, and Hannah hopes Theo will help in her quest for justice.

Compelling and nicely written, Counts gives the reader a vivid picture of the plight of the common working class and the brutal power of the English government over its people. SENSUAL (Jul., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond