While diving off Key West in search of the wrecked ship Marie Josephine, Genevieve Wallace sees the corpse of a blonde woman. A search yields nothing, and the rest of the team believe she's imagining things, especially Thor Thompson, who's more than skeptical. He thinks Gen is gorgeous but crazy!

But soon Gen is seeing the blonde woman everywhere, even in her dreams, then a body washes up on the beach. It's a blonde woman, but not the same one. Despite Thor's refusal to believe that anything supernatural is going on, he feels compelled to protect Gen. There's obviously a killer nearby, and it could be almost anyone. Their chemistry is explosive, but Gen's very aware that Thor's doubts stand between them -- and probably always will.

Graham delivers a beguiling blend of ripping good mystery, hot romance and a blood-chilling ghost story. This is not for nonbelievers, but the open-minded will be vastly entertained. (Jul., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer