Image of Visions


Image of Visions

It’s back to the eerie and occasionally dangerous town of Cainsville, as Olivia Taylor-Jones continues to hunt for the truth about the past and the origins of her unusual ability to see omens. Drawing on her considerable talent, Armstrong continues to build this intriguing new world, slowly revealing its secrets, layer by layer, to both protagonist and readers alike.

Since discovering her biological parents were convicted serial killers, Olivia, with the help of morally ambiguous attorney Gabriel Walsh, was able to prove that Pamela and Todd Larsen were innocent of at least a couple of the murders. She and Gabriel also learned that there is something odd about the town of Cainsville. When Olivia sees a dead body dressed up like her, she assumes it is another omen, but upon learning a young woman went missing days ago, both Olivia and Gabriel realize the murder is a specific warning to Olivia. When Gabriel’s past mistakes come to light, Olivia feels compelled to break away. But will this leave her vulnerable at exactly the wrong moment? (DUTTON, Aug., 432 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith