Image of Visions of Chains: An Awakening Novel


Image of Visions of Chains: An Awakening Novel

The third book in Hastings’ (aka bestselling author Maureen Child) Awakening series is even more exciting. A distinct world where witches exist, and society is driven by fear of their power, this political thriller/romance/ paranormal tale is thought-provoking and intense. The new characters keep the series fresh, and the storyline continues to progress, which will satisfy fans.

Deidre Sterling has been used for too long. Her mother, the president of the United States, uses her to make her look good; men want to get close to her for their political gain. Wanting to be her own person, she begins to align herself with a cause. While fighting for witches’ rights, she ends up in the line of fire and becomes a huge target. Throwing herself into the line of fire attracts her Eternal, her mate and guardian who will help her awaken her power — whether she likes it or not. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes