Image of Visions of Darkness


Image of Visions of Darkness

Precognitive abilities are put on trial in Rochelle's novel, and she shows readers both sides of the issue. The author looks at things from the perspective of the woman who holds these talents and her struggles to try to read the messages sent to her correctly. But we also see the public's nonbelieving point of view. A good story, nothing new really makes it stand out. Characters and subplots jump around, making the plot hard to follow at times.

Art historian Mia Fleming is a psychic by night, but she isn't always able to read her signs correctly and has given some bad advice. As a result she's ridiculed for her so-called "abilities" and now tries to be anonymous in regard to her readings. When she starts getting visions relating to a new robot, she decides to call and e-mail her warning without giving her name.

Dan Romeo, CEO of the Phoenix Agency, is friends with Chase Carpenter, whose future rests on the success of the robot in question. While attracted to Mia from the start, he can't help but wonder if she's on the level. As the two become closer while trying to find the real culprit, bodies start piling up. They must race to solve the mystery before they are the next victims. (THE LOTUS CIRCLE, Oct. '08, 284 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler