Image of Visions of Skyfire: An Awakening Novel


Image of Visions of Skyfire: An Awakening Novel

Hastings continues with the second book in her witchy, alternate universe series with great success. While building upon the expertly woven foundation of Visions of Magic, the new characters presented here are exciting and the sexual tension between them sizzles off the page. Waiting for the next installment of the Awakening saga won’t be easy!

Teresa Santiago has been training to handle coming into her power since she was a young child, but no one could prepare her for the passion she’d feel for her destined mate, Rune. As they come together to find a missing artifact capable of immeasurable destruction, they must also escape the government agents whose main objective is to imprison witches. It will take a final sacrifice of love to triumph over evil. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Oct., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes