Nine months after Eric Tierney died in a plane crash, his widow returns to their favorite home to scatter his ashes in Lake Superior. Distraught to the point of suicide, Rebecca is certain she must be going mad when she discovers an amnesiac Eric in the house.

Eric, though, isn't who he seems. A visitor from another world, he must find an object hidden decades ago by his race of evolved beings and return it to his people in order to preserve them. Time is short, and the visitor has already made an error by cloning Eric's body instead of another.

Distracted by the feelings and memories in the DNA he's borrowed, the visitor must learn to trust Rebecca while searching for the mysterious object.

More sci-fi than romance, Raffin has penned an engaging story, especially when she puts the reader into the alien's viewpoint. Watching him learn from books while interpreting what mere humans do is fun and, while readers never learn his true name, they'll root for his success nonetheless. Rebecca, though, comes across as such a whiner that one wonders what the real Eric saw in her.

When she finally finds her strength, it is almost too late. A couple of unexpected plot twists nicely wrap up this tale of interstellar suspense. (Aug. '05, 277 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice