When the power goes out at Berkley Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, three mismatched couples trapped together find that things are heating up fast.

Wealthy businessman Jack MacAllister knows only one thing to be true in regard to bride Elaine "Laine" Monroe: there is no fighting the sizzling attraction snapping between them. "Jackpot" takes a surprising turn very early on, and laughter ensues.

Jenna Barrister has been hired by the hotel to rein in playboy chef Zach Jacobs, but what she needs to rein in is her attraction to him. The sexual tension in "Player's Club" is top notch.

Only intending to test out the hotel's new spa facilities, journalist Caroline Rogers gets a healthy taste of the management as well when assistant manager Alex Mitchell catches her in a restricted area. "Two of a Kind" is unique, with the main character having a less than perfect body image.

Dimon has a clever way with humor and sexual tension, and the simultaneous timelines of the stories are ingenious. (Aug., 288 pp, $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen