Vivicea (Vivid) Lancaster has enough on her hands fighting prejudice as a female African-American doctor. She especially doesn't need the interference of the stubborn and arrogant mayor of Niles, Nate Grayson, and his plan to provoke her to leave town.

After a failed marriage, Nate vows never again to fall in love. He is happy enough with his adopted daughter and his successful status in town...until the vibrant, strong-willed lady doctor arrives and his aunt's matchmaking begins.

Oil and water mix better than Vivid and Nate, yet each admires the other's strength of character and concern for the community. Vivid becomes a member of the ladies' society, even as she fights for respect from those reluctant to trust a woman doctor. Nate is impressed with Vivid's dedication and his daughter's love for her. It isn't long before a battle of wills turns to passion.

When the couple's newfound happiness is suddenly threatened by Nate's daughter's kidnapping, both he and Vivid will do whatever they must to find a way to protect the child.

Sassy, sexy repartee will bring joy to readers and set VIVIDapart. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin