Three sensual novellas complete the Skye O'Malley saga as Small introduces three of Skye's descendants, who are as passionate, adventurous and determined as their glorious ancestor.

Frances (Fancy) leaves scandal behind in America by coming to her grandmother, Jasmine, in England to start anew. Jasmine decides to bring her to court, where Fancy blossoms under Charles II's tutelage. Becoming Charles' mistress (which includes a little ménage ˆ trois with his other dalliance, actress Nell Gwyn) allows Fancy to regain her confidence in her ability to love and desire a man. When it is time for her to marry, she can do so with zest, passion and excitement.

Diana lives up to her name, as she begins hunting for a husband. Wooed by Damian "Damn" Esmond, the Duke of Roxley, and his almost identical twin brother, Darius "Darling," the Marquis of Roxley, "Sweet Siren" Diana sets the rules of their courtship. She keeps both men on a string until she finds the right one to rule her heart.

It is delightfully bold and clever Cynara who lives up to her epithet "Cyn," as she is determined to catch the Earl of Summersfield, Harry Summers, for her husband. Though all the court calls him "Wicked," Cynara knows better, and if she has to win a horse race or lure him into her bed, she'll do whatever is necessary to get the man who won't wed to say "I do."

VIXENS is a marvelous and fitting conclusion to Skye's family saga—a delicious romance that is also a trip down memory lane, as Jasmine and other characters from novels in the series appear. As always, sumptuous historical details and titillating sexuality blend perfectly in an erotic romance that brings history and sensuality to full-blooded life. SPICY (Feb., 440 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin