Image of Voice Of Crow (Aspect of Crow Trilogy)


Image of Voice Of Crow (Aspect of Crow Trilogy)

Smith-Ready has outdone herself with the second book in the Aspect of Crow trilogy. Events unfold quickly but with enough backstory for new readers to grasp what's happening. The characterization is impressive. Book one focused primarily on the heroine; now we see the action through other characters as well. Readers will relate to these sympathetic people as they face heartbreaking challenges.

People of Asermos possess animal magic. Rhia is a crow, which means she has the ability to guide the spirits of the dead. Her husband, Marek, is a wolf.

Their village is attacked by the Descendants, those who have forsaken the spirits. Asermos is victorious, but the Descendants retaliate by attacking neighboring Kalindo, killing their elders and taking survivors to be sold as slaves. Rhia's newborn son and husband are kidnapped as well, and it seems the war is just beginning. (LUNA, Oct., 464 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski