Image of A Voice In The Dark


Image of A Voice In The Dark

A VOICE IN THE DARK (4.5) by Jenna Ryan A serial killer has chosen Boston for his new playground, and FBI agent Angel Carter and her partner have caught the case. Though the crimes are vicious and the clues slim, Angel has a secret weapon in the shadowy presence of legendary profiler Noah Graydon, a man she's never met but with whom she has an ongoing Internet and phone relationship. The last time Noah tangled with the wily Penny Killer, a young agent lost his life, and Noah carried scars into his life of shadows. This time, however, he's going to have to be more than a voice in the dark to catch the killer. Ryan's characters' rapid patter, quick humor and sly sexuality make this a top-notch mystery with a fascinating surprise ending.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper