Akin to an ancient epic poem, VOICE OF THE GODDESS is a tale complete with treachery, betrayal, pageantry, passion and all the elements that hold one spellbound.

The Minoans were a people whose culture has been forgotten; yet under Ms. Hands pen, this matriarchal society in a place known as Atlantis comes to life.

Born on the island, Leesandra reveres the Great Goddess. She grows to womanhood with the help and love of her childhood sweetheart, Alektrion. Their peaceful homeland and love is threatened by mainlanders who believe in male deities and want to conquer those who are completely different.

Like Dorothy Dunnet and Mary Renault, Judith Hand recreates a lost world with clarity and has us believing in its existence. Readers come to be a part of this world and savor a feminist culture. This is top-notch historical writing from an author with great promise. (Apr., 350 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin