Penelope Albright is on St. Lucia Island to meet a new client for her software company. As she tries to clear customs, a strange substance is found in her bags. Penelope has no idea what it is. Suddenly a man steps forward, claims she is his wife and hustles her out of the airport.

Charlie Smith, of Smith & Sons Construction, does not want to be recognized on St. Lucia. Using Penelopes name on the hotel register will gain him time.

Charlie is desperately worried about his foreman and old friend Raul Joseph. Raul sent Charlie a cryptic message from their hometown on St. Lucia and then disappeared. Charlie is worried that someone has kidnapped Raul. Dragging Penelope into the mess is risky, but a mans life may be at stakeand Charlies wealthy stepfather Emile St. Philippe may be involved.

Once Penelope understands whats at stake, she reluctantly helps. She has her own concerns however, as this job is very important. She needs the money to pay for her twin sisters eye surgery.

Exotic locals and dangerous skullduggery highlight this delightfully adventurous tale. Patricia Rice just keeps getting better and better. (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith