Image of Vote for Love (Kimani Romance)


Image of Vote for Love (Kimani Romance)
VOTE FOR LOVE (4) by Anita Bunkley: Dwayne Hunter, a self-made success story, is running for a Senate seat. When Trina Powers enters his life, he falls for her instantly, but she just wants him as a client for her image-consulting business. Dwayne is upset when he finds out Trina's motives, but his campaign manager convinces him to work with her. Although Trina is wary of relationships after suffering professional and personal heartache and betrayal, she can't deny her feelings for him. The two are forced apart when Trina again withholds information from Dwayne, but her motives aren't what they seem. Bunkley skillfully shows how both characters acknowledge and overcome their misconceptions and trust issues to not only save their professional lives, but also their love.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims