Annabel McKeige's return to Parable, Nevada, causes a stir. Twelve years ago, grief-stricken at her daughter's death, Annabel flees with her son Nicholas. Nicholas soon returned, but not Annabel, leaving her husband Gabriel to raise the boy.

She has come back to ask for a divorce, but Gabe will not miss this second chance to reclaim her heart. He discovers that the embers of their passion still burst into flames whenever they're together.

Even though their desire is still burning, Annabel wants her divorce. But her worry over Nicholas's rebelliousness keeps her in Parable.

When Nicholas' outlaw "friend," an Englishman who's not what he seems, arrives, Annabel and Gabe collide in a wild climax.

Linda Lael Miller's belief that we can have new starts is evident in THE VOW. Everyone with the courage to try has a second chance to mend fences, reclaim dreams, uncover the past and move into a bright new future. Thus, THE VOW is a romance that inspires us not only to rekindle passion, but to reclaim the love between a child and parent and to never be afraid to challenge ourselves to change for the better. Brava, Ms. Miller! SENSUAL (Apr., 417 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin