When Ceara inherits Wulfridge Castle upon her father's death, she is sworn to uphold her vow to never surrender willingly to the enemy.

King William orders Luc Louvat to quell the revolt at Wulfridge and bring the Saxon Lord Balfour to him in chains for breaking his oath of fealty. In return, Luc will receive Wulfridge.

When Luc discovers a way into the seemingly impregnable fortress, he is sure the battle is won, but it's only the beginning. Held at sword-point by the leader of the rebellion, Luc is amazed to discover that "he" is none other than a "she."

Now the real struggle begins. Luc is inexorably drawn to the lady warrior's strong will, her courage and sense of honor and her vulnerability and beauty, and he does not relish the idea of taking her to William in chains.

Theirs is a continuous battle of wills, tongues and wits and yet they continue to deny their attraction to one another.

Eventually, King William demands Ceara wed Luc. After the ceremony and a somewhat tentative trust, they return to Wulfridge. As their relationship grows, outside forces try to drive them apart as unrest brews around Wulfridge.

THE VOW is a tantalizing captive/captor romance in the tradition of The Wolf and the Dove and The Conqueror. Ms. Garnett weaves a vivid tapestry resounding with the rich, colorful sights, sounds and characters of the Middle Ages. Another "keeper" to savor. SENSUAL (Mar., 339 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox