This medieval tale of lust, debauchery, betrayal and passion is historical romance at its best. The hero and heroine are strong, but carry secrets that may prevent a future together. Their search for love amidst the treacherous milieu of medieval life and politics ensures a gripping and suspenseful journey to the very last page.

Medieval England is a dangerous place for a woman with no male protection. Lady Rosalyn Ayleston doesn’t mourn the death of her brutal husband, Lord Bertram, but realizes that she is now at the mercy of the volatile King Edward, who will determine the next man to control her, her young son Jason and her estates. She is determined to take a vow of chastity before the King forces her to wed again. Sir Rand Montague, Rose’s childhood friend and one of King Edward’s favored knights, is sent to Ayleston Castle to bring Lady Rosalyn to court, where the King will decree that she marry another nobleman. Rand also has vowed never to marry, but when he learns she is to marry the cruel Lord Golan, he offers for her himself. Rose agrees on one condition: their marriage will be one of convenience only. While Rose and Rand struggle to keep their desire for each other hidden, they are beset by other dangers such as war with the Welsh rebels and Golan’s vow that he will not stop until he has destroyed Rand and Rose and all they hold dear. (ZEBRA, Nov., 320 pp.,$5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Roberts