Readers first met Oliver de Lacey in Circle in the Water; now the asthmatic young boy has grown into a wastrel whose reckless passions lead him to the gallows and to Mistress Lark.

Lark has no time for fun and games and no desire for love or passion. She devotes herself to the cause of those who face death at Queen Mary's hands. In a country caught between Protestantism and Catholicism, Lark is already playing a dangerous game, but the moment she rescues Oliver from the hangman's noose she begins playing with fire.

Her protector, Lord Spencer, fears for Lark once he is gone and hopes that Oliver can take his place and ensure her safety, as well as the protection of his lands from his devious son's hands.

Oliver hopes to bring joy to Mistress Lark by introducing her to life's pleasures. To Lark, Oliver is a lost soul who desperately needs love to heal old wounds-a love only she can give.

With fate as their guide and destiny to lead them, Oliver and Lark embark upon a perilous journey of the heart. Enemies pursue them, and political danger awaits, but so does a beautiful and great reward-an everlasting love.

Witty and charming, enchanting and humorous, clever and colorful, VOWS MADE IN WINE is another superb example of Susan Wiggs' storytelling talents. She captures the reader's undivided attention with her heartwarming characters and superb historical details. Add VOWS MADE IN WINE to your "must read" list! SENSUAL (July, 383 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin