Grafton’s super-popular private investigator Kinsey Millhone gets drawn into the mysteries surrounding the deaths of a homeless man and another investigator as we near the end of this exceptional series. Kinsey’s gritty toughness and insightful investigative skills are on perfect display in this cunning novel of family values, societal mores and deep secrets. Top-of-the-line mystery combines with indelibly etched characters – what more could a reader want?

Kinsey is only curious when a fellow PI is found shot to death. After all, he had a pretty sketchy reputation. When she gets a call from the coroner to come and identify the body of a homeless man who had her name and number in his pocket, she gets swept into the lives of the dead man’s homeless friends. More than that, she’s trying to find out why the man named her as executor and sole beneficiary of nearly a half-million dollars. Why, if his bank account was that fat, was the man living on the streets? The two seemingly unrelated deaths wind through family and fraud and, ultimately, lead Kinsey to a murderous confrontation with a madman. (PUTNAM, Sep., 496 pp., $28.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper