The Duke of Kelbourne doesn't even know her name and yet he has wrecked her life to the point that she now hates him, with a passion born of rage and humiliation. She was the unwitting object of a wager that he scarcely remembers, and for which he certainly feels little remorse, except that he has met her again and finds himself to be the object of her not-unwelcome attentions. Or so he believes. She is determined to bring this man to his knees and humiliate him as she was humiliated, but her heart is turning traitor. THE WAGERED HEART (4) pits two stubborn heads against two equally stubborn hearts, and the winner can only be love. Remember the name Rhonda Woodward, because this author is developing into a top-flight Regency favorite. (Dec., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck